We believe that every child deserves the benefits of a well-stocked classroom, and that by giving students access to the proper materials and fostering valuable experiences within art classrooms, we will improve the general perception of the importance of art in education.

Artists, designers, and musicians are constantly producing sketches and recordings in order to build their skills and brainstorm ideas. These beautiful sketches linger in drawers, unseen, and the recordings unheard. As unfinished or preliminary works, they are not sold or included in portfolios or albums. 

The Creative Cycle collects these "process pieces" from artists and musicians, sells them on our website, at exhibits, and on mixtapes, and uses 100% of the proceeds to supply underserved New York City and Los Angeles arts classrooms with the supplies they need. We primarily connect with teachers through DonorsChoose.org, a non-profit that shares our vision. We bring hidden art out into the light, and art back into the lives of students around the city. 

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My students come from diverse backgrounds and have a variety of learning abilities and styles. Although we make speak many different languages at home, one thing that unites us all is our gift of creativity and art.
— Mrs. Weinstein-Podber, PS 56 Harry Eichler