Artist Suzy Poling

What is your artistic process?

I am a multidisciplinary, visual and sound artist. I make electronic-based music, photographs, collages, videos, installations, paintings and fiber-based art pieces. My work primarily deals with light, chemical and geological phenomenon in relation to the human form and psyche.  

What role did school (and maybe teachers) play in your development as an artist?

I started studying photography in High School and then went to college for it. My college years were really important to me as I bonded with many great Artists and Photography Professors. The school I went to pushed me to be rigorous and I pushed myself even further to utilize all of the resources. Eventually, I had to break away from their influence and just think for myself, but that is what personal vision is and what graduating is good for.

What role did art play in your education?

I went to school for art, so art was in the center of my education. I really enjoyed Art History, Religion, Abnormal Psychology, and Geology as well. I would say that all of these subjects have become part of my research and artistic content. I also taught myself many mediums, programs, and skills after college, so I could say that I am partially self-taught as well. I think everyone has to be considering how much technology changes.

Words of advice for young artists? 

I would say that it's important to keep finding ways to express yourself even if it's with some small little project. Keeping momentum and making magical things happen out of practically nothing is what it's all about it, if you ask me. As long as you are not making art purely for financial and egotistical reasons, then you should be able to keep going your entire life.

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