Photos and a Note from Ms. Morissette

Dear The Creative Cycle,

My students were more than thrilled when they heard that our project was funded and asked me on a daily basis when we could begin sewing. When the materials arrived we began discussing ideas for our embroidered images. Because our school focuses intensely on Anti-Bullying initiatives, we thought we could contribute to the effort by making embroideries that used symbols, or images representing kindness and friendship. 

We began the project by creating our own symbols, either invented or inspired by something we've seen before. Some students choose to include text as well. We sketched out some ideas and transferred the drawings to the fabric. I taught them a simple stitch and they were off to work on their own. We worked on this project in the last few weeks of the school year and their blossoming independence was more apparent than ever. They were engaged, focused and eager to see the project through to completion. 

Many students even finished their first project and were able to move on to a 2nd embroidery of their choosing. A couple of students even told me they had asked their parents to buy them an embroidery set to have at home. 

I was so pleased with the outcome of this project and how my students gained experience with precision, patience and problem solving skills. Thank you again for your contributions, no matter how big or small. We're so grateful for your generosity.

With gratitude,
Ms. Morissette

Kings County, Brooklyn